How It Works

Fash It Trash It is a unique website where you're able to connect to your friends and share everything fashion! You'll be able to see who has the best outfit by uploading images, and challenging your friends to a contest where anyone can vote on your ensemble. Daily contests allow users to vote for their favorite outfits, and decide if it's Fash or Trash.

Before you're able to start Fashing, you must upload at least one image. Through the steps below, these images will be turned into Outfits to be used in Fash It Trash It contests.

Want to participate in the daily contests? Heres how to create a Fash:

  1. Click on the "Images" link in the navigation.
  2. Choose an outfit by clicking on the blue picture icon below the image, and hitting "Create Fash".
  3. Crop your image how you want it to show up in the contest, and hit "Save Challenge Picture".
  4. Add the details about what you're wearing! Brand, type, and price and hit "Add Details".
  5. Choose a friend you'd like to challenge your newly created Fash against, and go to their outfits.
  6. Click on the outfit you want to challenge, and hit "Fash Friend" near the top of the image.
  7. Wait for them to accept your challenge!

Don't want to challenge your bestie? Join a Random Fash!

  1. Follow steps 1-4 listed above. You'll still need a Fash in order to participate.
  2. Click on the outfit you'd like to use in a Random Fash. These can be found on your profile page.
  3. Hit "Random Fash" near the top, and you're set! You'll be pinned against other Random Fashes.

Have fun and remember to invite your friends to Fash along with you!